Enable Chart Web Part in SharePoint 2013

The SharePoint Chart Webpart was deprecated. But its still available in 2013.


  1. Login to any farm server hosting SharePoint as a Site Collection Administrator.
  2. Go to: Settings > Site Settings > Go to top level site settings > Web Designer Galleries > Web parts.
  3. Click the FILES tab.
  4. Click New Document.
  5. Scoll down the list and look for: Microsoft.Office.Server.WebControls.ChartWebPart.
  6. Check this item.
  7. Scroll back up to the top, and then click the Populate Gallery button.
  8. Wait for it to refresh.
  9. Scoll down the list and look for: ChartWebPart.webpart.
  10. Click its Edit button.
  11. Enter the value, Content Rollup, or enter any other web part group value appropriate to your needs.
  12. Click Save.
  13. That’s it.  The next time you open a web page in edit mode and search for a web part to add to it, you’ll see the Chart web part there.

Change BCS throttle limit of 2000 rows

One of my developers was getting a connection timeout on using an External Content Type. The real problem was that BCS has a limit of 2000 rows returned in a query. Here’s a PowerShell script to edit that limit:

$wthbcs = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where{$_.GetType().FullName -eq (‘Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.SharedService.’ + ‘BdcServiceApplicationProxy’)}

 $BCSThrottle = Get-SPBusinessDataCatalogThrottleConfig -Scope database -ThrottleType items -ServiceApplicationProxy $wthbcs


 Set-SPBusinessDataCatalogThrottleConfig -Identity $BCSThrottle -Maximum 1000000 -Default 20000