Search Host Controller Service ‘Starting’ does not start

I’ve tried everything from Registry Permissions to unprovisioning search and recreating search. Finally i found the solution. Do not use port 808 for any Web App. Apparently Windows Communication Foundation Service uses port 808 and Search SP 2013 Host Controller uses WCF.

 ULS logs had “Could not connect to net.tcp://server/ceres/hostcontroller/nettcp” …. and “connected host has failed to respond XX.XXX.XXX.XX:808”

I had to extend that site to another port then delete the IIS Web app that was using port 808.

SharePoint 2013 BI on mobile devices

We can build our mobile BI solutions based on SQL Server as a data source in the following (different) ways:

  • IIS (Internet Information Services; as a very low cost solution): SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services; note: limited use for the Apple platform, details are described below)
  • SharePoint Server: Excel Services (easier solutions), SSRS integrated mode, PerformancePoint Services (much more complex solutions)
  • OWA Server (Office Web Apps): Excel
  • 3rd party developer tools/platforms or ready-to-use solutions

In a few bullets below, there are described the results of my investigation about some possibilities for mobile BI solutions based on the SQL Server platform.

Mobile BI (iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows 8/Phone devices) platform:

1. IIS:

  • SSRS:
  • iPad: Safari/Chrome/Opera – NO,  FF/IE – not supported
  • Android: FF – OK, Chrome/Opera – NO, Safari/IE – not supported
  • Windows 8: IE – OK, alternative – FF, Chrome/Opera – NO, Safari – not supported on tablet?


2. SharePoint 2013:

  • Excel Services:
    • iPad: Safari – OK (note: slicers – OK), alternatives – Chrome/Mercury (Chrome and Firefox alternative), Opera – NO, FF/IE – not supported
    • Android: FF – OK (note: slicers – NO), Chrome/Opera/(Built-in Browser/Dolphin) – NO, Safari/IE – not supported
    • Windows 8: IE – OK, alternatives – FF/Chrome/Opera, Safari – not supported
  • PerformancePoint Services (Dashboards):
  • OLAP/Excel Services:
    • iPad: Safari – OK (note: slicers – OK), alternatives – Chrome/Mercury (Chrome and Firefox alternative), Opera – NO, FF/IE – not supported
    • Android: FF – OK (note: slicers – NO), Chrome/Opera/(Built-in Browser/Dolphin) – NO, Safari/IE – not supported
    • Windows 8: IE – OK, alternative – FF, Chrome/Opera – OK (note: zoom – NO), Safari – not supported
  • SSRS:
    • iPad: Safari/Chrome/Opera – NO, Mercury (Chrome and Firefox alternative) – NO, FF/IE – not supported
    • Android: FF – OK, Chrome/Opera/(Built-in Browser/Dolphin) – NO, Safari/IE – not supported
    • Windows 8: IE – OK, alternative – FF, Chrome/Opera – NO, Safari – not supported on tablet?
  • PowerPivot/PowerView: the output is rendered in Silverlight
    • iPad: SL – not supported on iOS (note: SL is available only for Windows and Mackintosh)
    • Android: SL – not supported
    • Windows 8: IE – OK, alternatives – FF/Chrome/Opera (note: scroll – NO), Safari – not supported


Manage User Profiles, no dropdown menu to edit profile

There was no option to edit user profiles. Under Manage User Profiles. The result of users would be listed, but the menu dropdown to edit was not visible. Profile properties also had the same issue. Properties did not have a menu option to edit.

Solution: Add Central Admin to IE 11 compatibility view settings in the browser. Seems IE 11 is not compatible with SharePoint 2013 Central Admin.


Sign as Different User in 2013

To add the option to sign in as a diff user in 2013 follow these steps:

Locate the file \15\TEMPLATE\CONTROLTEMPLATES\Welcome.ascx


Add the following element before the existing element with the id of “ID_RequestAccess”:

<SharePoint:MenuItemTemplate runat=”server” ID=”ID_LoginAsDifferentUser” Text=”<%$Resources:wss,personalactions_loginasdifferentuser%>” Description=”<%$Resources:wss,personalactions_loginasdifferentuserdescription%>” MenuGroupId=”100″ Sequence=”100″ UseShortId=”true” />



Save the file.

Do on each WFE. careful updating hive files. any updates will overwrite your changes…




SharePoint 2013 workflow HTTP Unauthorized error

I was able to create and publish a 2013 workflow. I created a simple workflow that only added comments to the workflow history. So it should work… but I kept getting this error:

HTTP Unauthorized to http://sitename/_vti_bin/client.svc/web/lists/getbyid(guid’guid’) Correlation Id: id Instance Id: id

I tried everything. After going thru the logs I noticed an error .pdf” is not checked out.  You must first check out this document before making changes.

So I disabled “Require Check Out to edit” and workflow was able to update the status and completed successfully



Quadcopter Basic Build

m in the process of building a quadcopter. For those that aren’t familiar with that. It’s a multirotor rotorcraft with more than two rotors. I started with a mini quad hubsan x4 to practice and learn how to control and fly a quad, then like others i went to high and a gust of wind blew it away… probably in some neighbors palm tree. After that I started reading thru RC groups and youtube videos. There sooo much content on quad and larger rotorcrafts. I wanted to start as simple as possible with the option to upgrade later and add on more features like GPS, FPV…

To start I went with a 4 motor setup(quad). They’re plenty of kit frames you can buy and most are all the same. Most parts come from china, so shipping can take long. I have Amazon Prime, so I get 2 day free shipping on most parts. But back to the frame, It’s based on a x525 frame. I’ll post links below to all items. You can actually build your own frame out of wood or carbon fiber tubes. Weight is a big concern when choosing parts. Durability is also a major role, especially when learning to fly. Prepare to have extra propellers on hand for the first few flights.

Next on my list were the Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) and brushless motors. ESCs control the amount of speed for the motor. I found a kit that had both and I probably saved a few $$. I had to program each ESC using a program card, and then program again to set the max throttle on my 6 channel radio. Then the brains of the bird. The flight controller. Here is where I kind of needed some help. The most popular board is the kk board. The kk board is cheap and should work. The problem was I got the 1.0 version that didn’t have an LCD. So it was a bit more difficult to program. At the same time I didn’t realize my propellers were on reversed. Propellers have a number on them followed by an R or L that shows the direction of the motor (10×4.5R or 10×4.5L). So I ditched the kk board and ordered a Naza M Lite. The Naza software was easy to use and then I realized my issue with propellers.

After a few test flights my next step was to add a camera. Most people add a GoPro, but I didn’t want to spend $300+ for this yet. The next best affordable 1080p video camera is the Mobius Action Cam at around $80. It’s a very small lite cam. So my next problem was the vibration jello effect. Some use foam and Velcro to isolate vibrations. But I wanted something nicer. I found a 2-axis gimbal. These gimbals have a separate control board to auto level a small camera. It also has rubber dampeners to eliminate vibrations.

Pending is my FPV system. First person view, in which I can see what the quad sees, and fly it remotely thru the use of a ground station that receives video from the quad.

imag5 IMG_1209 IMG_1218 IMG_1225 IMG_1222 IMG_1216 image4


Frame Kit:

Flight Controller: Naza m Lite

Warning Buzzer:

Battery Charger:


ESC Distribution board

Motors and 30A controllers (ESC)

2200 mAh 3S Battery:

ESC Program Card:

Propeller Balancer:

2-axis gimbal: optional


Mobius Action Cam: optional

Landing Skid: optional


Increase ROI with TV Marketing

Analyzing Offline-Marketing like TV-Campaigns

The Online world is no longer measured or judged separately. Online and Offline Marketing actions are combined in 360 Overviews of Marketing campaigns – or at least they should be combined. And, as we know Online influences Offline as well as Offline influences Online. That said, it is important to create an analytical insight and enable marketing details on a level that generates more value – leading to clearer Marketing budget decisions and improved ROI.

Marketing Budget Allocation based on Analytics

Why should you invest in a TV spot which can easily cost more than 200.000 Dollars – and I am only talking about the media cost for a single commercial, not the production, actor salary, special effects or repeat airings? You really need to ask yourself about the value of the TV channel.

This channel needs to justify its existence within the marketing channel mix you are addressing parallel to your campaign plan. By analyzing the TV campaigns and including those insights in your analytics solution, you can easily judge the value of TV – and the monetarization of the TV budget.

Online Turnover through TV Commercials

A high-end analytics system should be able to include the TV streaming slots in order to combine this data with, for example, online turnover, website behavior and visitor interaction. So it is ideal if you can upload/import this TV information to the system.

The TV user watches the TV spot and sees the brand or product or Web-call to action. Then this person uses the second screen (which more and more people do: Simultaneous Usage of Tablet and TV) to interact with that brand or product. This visit can be analyzed and allocated to the TV commercial.



In order to judge the quality and quantity of this traffic generated by the TV commercial the following method can be used: analyzing the traffic in the time frame 5 minutes before the spot and  comparing it to the traffic generated 5 minutes after the start of the TV spot. You will see (in general) that channels like campaign-generated traffic and eMail traffic (Newsletter) do not increase. But, on the on the other hand, the traffic of the channels Search Engine (paid and/or organic) as well as the direct entry will rise. This fact is based on the watching behavior of the TV-audience. It is quite easy to remember a brand or product and to search for it on one of the search engines or type the brand directly. No one would search for “Apple” after watching an Apple spot, they would directly insert to access the Apple website quickly and directly.

TV generating relevant Online-Traffic

From the traffic that was generated within the time frame of 5 minutes after the commercial was shown needs to be deducted the amount of traffic that was generated 5 minutes before this commercial. The gap easily shows you the increased traffic due to your TV marketing and the additionally generated turnover or newsletter registrations or downloads show you the quality of this audience. The nice thing is not only the advantage of including Offline Campaigns into Online Research but also judging the different TV stations based on this traffic. To allocate the TV advertising budget to drive more sales or more traffic might be the most cost-effective way to increase the Marketing performance and the ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).


This opens possibilities, benefits and limits of a new approach for measuring payoff or breakdown of television (and radio) advertisement because still the Marketing channel TV is the channel with the highest investment. With an application of digital multichannel measurement, it is now possible for the first time to reconstruct the aftermath of TV advertising online. The variance of visits around a TV-advertisement can be measured, sharply and pointed. By using this new technology, uncertainty about the effort of expensive TV advertisement, is set to be a thing of the past. Gateway Error: The configuration with processor is invalid


Got a generic error with white setting up a new ecommerce website: “Gateway Error: The configuration with processor is invalid”

Solution: make sure the gateway has the correct merchant service provider info. Before calling make sure you have the following details:

Merchant Number

Gateway ID

Store number

bin number

agent number

terminal number

category number

chain number

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