SharePoint 2013 Crawl Access Denied Error

I usally can fix these crawl errors fast. DisableLoopbackCheck, Check Web App permissions, check DB permmisions…

But all was configured correctly. All other web apps were being index and running smooth. I just had one web app that would not get indexed. I even deleted the web app and recreated the site since it was a QA server.

Even the logs were not very clear. Just some access denied to robots.txt. I dont even use robot.txt files…

After many hours i decided to ping the FQDN and that when i noticed the issue. Someone in Networking team created the DNS as a C-Name alias. Which means it would return the name of the computer and not the proper name. It was also pointed to an incorrect WFE server.  Once they changed it to a A- Record DNS Search was able to index.

BI Resources and Links

Here’s a list of blogs that has helped me configure Power Pivot for SharePoint 2010 and 2013

SharePoint 2013 Kereberos setup

Installing 2013 BI features :

Installing 2010 BI features:

another 2010 BI blog:

Notes: things get tricky in a multi server farm. the SQL install will have all the features needed for SharePoint. For SharePoint 2013 there is a spPowerPivot.msi you can use on the WFEs instead of the SQL server install.

Application Pool Password Recovery

I had to figure out an App Pool password. Depending on your version of IIS you can extract passwords. You just need to login remotely and have local admin access.

For IIS 6

Download resource kit from

And run Metabase Explorer, then just browse to your App Pool. Change your view settings to show Secure Data.

For IIS 7+

run this powershell command with your app pool name.

&$env:windir\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe list apppool “Application Pool Name” /text:ProcessModel.Password




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