SharePoint Health Assessment Scoping Tool (SPRAP)

Microsoft has a tool for scanning your farm and providng a detailed report on potential issues. You will need to have premier support for a rep to help you analyze the report. But any sharp admin can probably fix any issues.

Download scoping tool here: 

PDF with more details:



Debugging Kerberos Authentication

If you ever had to enable Kerberos for SharePoint Performance Point or to fix the data refresh issues with excel services, you will need this tool:

Deleg Config

Its a web app that checks the current App Pool account and makes sure its configured correctly. The usual issue is duplicate SPNs.

Update: has a beta v2 version…



Open Source e-commerce system: Magento

I mainly prefer MS .NET development, but i have to agree that Magento is a great open source e-commerce system built using PHP. I have noticed an increase of performance using Apache and PHP for e-commerce websites. Sure PHP is still spaghetti code, but magento was able to design the architecture quite well. Plus there’s a vast community for add-ons and support. Another perk is that its easy to find PHP developers, and at a much lower cost compared to .NET developers.

A Conent Management System other than SharePoint

I’ve been looking for another CMS for a small internet corp website. I would usually use sharepoint, but needed a quick solution. I had to look elsewhere, and I found Umbraco. Sure it was a little buggy setting it up. But it works great and its highly customizable. Its basically a slimmed down version of sharepoint. It uses CSS and master pages with document types (page layouts) to manage the look and feel. Oh and even better, its FREE!.

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