PC Build: Custom Open Case


Intel I7-6700K
Ballistix Sport LT 32GB
850 watt Thermaltake PSU

Thermaltake PACIFIC DIY LCS R360 water cooling kit (which I only used radiator and res/pump) regid tubes and fittings were extra.

Samsung 850 EVO – 500GB x 2
Samsung 950 PRO Series – 512GB PCIe NVMe

See at the end for complete list for case parts.

Was inspired by a few designs to create an open case design. After seeing a few on youtube and looking at the thermaltake p5 case, I set out to create a custom case base on my own layout. Maybe this design is not the best, but it’s a start. Time to learn and get started.


First step is to choose material. I wanted something that was hard enough to support all my components, but easy to cut. I went with a PVC foam board. Its easy to cut and make a template. If it turned out too soft, I could just use it as a stencil for either plexiglass or aluminum sheets. Turns out the PCV was just strong enough to support my components.


I knew I needed extra support so I orders the back/front panels plexiglass. I also ordered steel standoffs that would make it sturdier.


Component Layout:

At first I just placed components on the board and sent pics to my friends. I chose a layout that just looked nice. I didn’t take into consideration a few key points.


  1. Keep pump reservoir at the lowest point for draining the system
  2. Build draining system. Most kits do not have a drain valve.
  3. Keep PSU and water apart or at least shield PSU from any potential leaks
  4. Measure PSU cables with your layout. I had to add 6 inches to main 24 pin cable to reach MB
  5. Measure holes with cables too. Original design for SSD cables was smaller. Had to double size.
    20160805_191142 20160806_174838

After you’re sure about the layout, either spray paint or cover the main panel with a design. I choose carbon fiber vinyl. Looks great and its cheap. A bit hard to install without getting bubbles. Just poke any bubbles with a razor and press it flat.


Tube Bending using a heat and silicon insert to keep the same form. 3D printed bending tool.

LED needed a 12 v power adapter plu, so I ordered a remote and connected to a 12v molex PSU connector.


Mounted all components and filled water cooling system. Only connected power to the pump and ran a leak test for 24 Hours.

Added the back panel Acrylic White semi translucent 24×24 inch. 3D printed red bold caps. Also printed bolt spacers.

Added the front clear plexiglass to standoffs. Looks great!!

3D printed List:

PSU bracket: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:950061

I designed a case stand, but didn’t use it in the end: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1693053

I designed a few other items. I haven’t uploaded to share yet. Will update later.(PSU cover, Pump/res base, Cable covers, Tube bending tool, bolt cap and spacers)

best wifey pic ever:


Here’s the complete build list:

Plexiglass: Clear 24 x 24
ProjectPVC 48×24
On switch and artic paste
Acrylic Sheet white 24 x 24
SSD 500 GB qty 2
PETG Regid tube 4 pack
Silicon Insert
Regid fittings 12 pcs
Thermaltake Water Cooling Kit R360
LED T shape connector
Thermaltake PSU 850 watt
White HDMI Cable 15 ft
LED corner connectors 5pcs
Carbon Fiber sheet 24×60
Steel Standoff 4pcs 200 mm height
Standoff bolts
Silicone insert 3ft
LEDs 16ft 5050
LED controller
T-Fitting and Drain Valve
Ballistix Sport LT 32GB
Samsung 950 PRO M.2 512 GB
EVGA GeForce GTX 1070
step drill bit
Intel I7-6700K